An IT strategic decision-making framework in the midst of disruptive technologies


  • Rajan Padayachee
  • Alta van der Merwe University of Pretoria
  • Machdel Matthee Informatics, University of Pretoria



Technological disruption enabled by the internet revolution has resulted in an exponential increase in the growth of new technologies and the resultant technology disruptions in the workplace. Disruptive technologies are changing the rules of competition in organisations. Most chief information officers agree that there could be significant value in utilising new technology to create a competitive advantage in an agile world; however, in practice, the adoption and implementation of newer technology occur relatively slowly. There is very little research on factors influencing strategic IT decisions from a perspective of disruptive technologies. The objective of this study was to investigate critical factors that guide strategic IT decision-making in an agile business context. Using a literature review, various factors that had an influence on strategic IT decision-making in organisations were identified. The factors were extended and confirmed with data from semi-structured interviews resulting in the Framework for IT decision-making and a model for the classification of IT systems, which provide CIOs with comprehensive guidelines to make strategic IT decisions in the midst of disruptive technologies.






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