Exploring ideological-ware as a resource in the use of Moodle in higher education – analyzing Covid-19 publications





Across the globe, the advent of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) has propelled most sectors to do their business online. Higher education institutions (HEIs) in particular have had to move their teaching and learning online, with Moodle reported to be one of the most used platforms internationally. In the context of Covid-19, educational researchers and  publications have discussed various ways in which this platform has influenced the three types of curricula, namely: competence curriculum; pragmatic curriculum and performance curriculum. However, there is less emphasis on  ideological-ware in the use of Moodle as a teaching and learning resource, which presents a serious challenge and requires systemic debate and reflection. This study uses critical discourse analysis and community of inquiry through purposive and convenience sampling to identify the published documents on the use of Moodle in the context of Covid-19. Findings indicate that most scholars are advocating that the successful use of Moodle in higher education institutions relies on ensuring that hardware and software resources are available for both lecturers and students. This suggests that HEIs are focusing on the performance and competence-based curriculum, yet limited mention is given to ideological-ware as an important aspect when using Moodle.






Special Issue