An Empirical Study Of User Acceptance Of Online Social Networks Marketing


  • Olumayowa Mulero
  • Michael Adeyeye



Technology Acceptance Model, e-Commerce, Advertisement, Social Networks Sites.


The explosion of Internet usage has drawn the attention of researchers towards online Social Networks Marketing (SNM). Research has shown that a number of the Internet users are distrustful and indecisive, when it comes to the use of social networks marketing system. Therefore, there is a need for researchers to identify some of the factors that determine users’ acceptance of social networks marketing using Technology Acceptance Model (TAM). This study extended the Technology Acceptance Model theoretical framework to predict consumer acceptance of social networks marketing within Western Cape Province of South Africa. The research model was tested using data collected from 470 questionnaires and analysed using linear regression. The results showed that user intentions to use SNM are strongly and positively correlated with user acceptance of using SNM systems. Empirical results confirmed that perceived credibility and perceived usefulness are the strongest determinant in predicting user intentions to use SNM system.






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