Toward a Business Process Owner Competency Framework



business process monitoring, process owner, process orientation, process owner competencies, process owner tasks


Process owners are vital to the establishment and functioning of process oriented organizations. However, there is a paucity of understanding regarding the tasks process owners should undertake and what competencies they require. In this study, sets of process owner competencies and process owner tasks emerged from interviews with executives from three financial services organizations in South Africa. The findings were compared to the BPTrends report “State of the Business Process Management Market 2016”. Common themes were identified and validated against recent literature. Based on the validated themes a business process owner competency framework was developed and discussed. The framework shows that business process owners require competencies in core business process management, strategic alignment, determining organizational goals, governance, documentation, training, and systemic thinking. The competencies and tasks identified provide a practical contribution to practitioners and recruiters in the field, while the framework adds a theoretical contribution to the field of business process management.






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