A survey of benchmarks for reinforcement learning algorithms





Reinforcement learning, Benchmarking


Reinforcement learning has recently experienced increased prominence in the machine learning community. There are many approaches to solving reinforcement learning problems with new techniques developed constantly. When solving problems using reinforcement learning, there are various difficult challenges to overcome. \par To ensure progress in the field, benchmarks are important for testing new algorithms and comparing with other approaches. The reproducibility of results for fair comparison is therefore vital in ensuring that improvements are accurately judged. This paper provides an overview of different contributions to reinforcement learning benchmarking and discusses how they can assist researchers to address the challenges facing reinforcement learning. The contributions discussed are the most used and recent in the literature. The paper discusses the contributions in terms of implementation, tasks and provided algorithm implementations with benchmarks. \par The survey aims to bring attention to the wide range of reinforcement learning benchmarking tasks available and to encourage research to take place in a standardised manner. Additionally, this survey acts as an overview for researchers not familiar with the different tasks that can be used to develop and test new reinforcement learning algorithms.






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